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Hello Fellow Diabetic,

It’s true - a diabetic menu with meals prepared using diabetic recipes can be tasty, mouthwatering and, yes, even delicious!

Improve Your Blood Sugar Control and
Your Enjoyment of Food with These Delicious Diabetes Recipes

You and I, like the other millions of people who live with diabetes, have to maintain a special diet. And the problem we face is when you have diabetes - recipes for our favorite meals often include ingredients that send our blood-sugars through the roof! They become a 'no-no' on your diabetic menu!

So does that mean we have to tolerate bland, boring food? Endure dull, unexciting meals? Never again taste anything sweet? Avoid all treats, cookies and cakes? Survive on boring, tasteless foods?


Just modifying our recipes a little, or finding new exciting dishes, like the ones in this diabetic recipes e-book is all we need to do to make our diabetic menu palatable. Gargantuan Diabetic Recipes Book

At Last - You Too Can Be
Spoilt For Choice with
Over 450 Yummy
Diabetic Recipes
to Choose From

In this instantly downloadable ebook you'll find recipes for things you may have thought you couldn't have any more, like Fudge, Cakes and Cookies.

Well the good news is you can still have all those tasty foods; you just need these recipes to tell you how to make them so you don’t overload your blood sugar levels!

In this PDF e-book you have a choice of recipes for your diabetic menu, including low sugar dishes; low calorie dishes; low fat dishes and low carbohydrate dishes. You are sure to find meals that soon become firm favorites with all your family and friends.

What’s more the PDF e-book itself is invitingly priced at less than you would spend on a meal out.

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In fact, you don't even have to be a diabetic to enjoy these delectable dishes; anyone who wants to cut down on the sugar in their diet can enjoy these healthy, guilt-free, diabetic recipes!

Mmmm! Heavenly tasting diabetic recipes

Delight your taste buds and
satisfy your appetite

Here’s what you get in this 270-page diabetes recipe ebook; exciting dishes for your diabetic menu:

  • 20 Starters / Entrees

  • 109 Main Meals (including vegetarian)

  • 79 Desserts

  • 182 Cakes, Biscuits & Treats

  • 65 Miscellaneous recipes; drinks, sauces, jams, bread, side-salads etc.

You won’t believe the amazing variety in this collection of diabetic recipes - why not check it for yourself; take a look at the contents list I’ve extracted from the e-book. I promise they’ll make you drool in anticipation!

Caution: Reading the Contents Page of this delicious diabetic recipes book will have you raiding the food cupboard!

Check the contents: you’ll see I’ve organized the recipes into the different courses - makes planning your whole diabetic menu so much easier, don’t you think?

I’ll bet if you’re anything like me, you won’t know which one, or two or three, to try first. They are all so yummy! Sample diabetic recipe dish

Fancy trying one of these recipes in a meal today? You can have the whole lot, all 462 recipes, within minutes…

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Imagine it! No more boring food. See your family’s eyes sparkle when you place one of these wonderful dishes in front of them.

This Gargantuan Diabetic Recipes Book is so-oo-o easy to use…

One of the things I really hate about recipe books - whether digital or published - is having a recipe running over onto a second page. If it’s a digital book you’ve got to print 2 pages, if it’s a published book you get sticky or floury fingers all over the page as you turn it over!

Complete recipes on a single page! I’ve deliberately edited this book so you NEVER have to print more than one page at a time (unless, of course, you’re using multiple recipes to create a full 2 or 3-course meal). Each recipe is entirely on one page. Some pages contain 2 simple recipes. They don’t spread! In this edition, I’ve added lots of extra things to make using this diabetes recipe ebook easier. Like:

Interactive Table of Contents: A full list of the recipes, by course, at the beginning. Click the recipe you want to go to and the page immediately pops up, ready for printing (you can see the pointing hand on the table of contents I extracted from the book to show you). Makes creating your diabetic menu a snap!

Clickable Bookmarks: When you open the PDF file there's a bookmark panel displayed on the left. Leave the bookmark panel open and you can go straight to any recipe from anywhere in the ebook; you don’t have to go back to the table of contents or check the index at the back.
Colorful summer salad
Recipe Course Index: At the back, is a full list of the recipes, in alphabetical order, within each diabetic menu course.

Recipe Name Index: A full alphabetic index by recipe name.

Conversion Charts: Do you live outside the US? If you do, then you’ll love the ‘at-your-fingertips’ conversion charts and ingredient descriptions I’ve added.

  • Weights Conversion Charts

  • Oven Temperature Conversion Chart
    (including ‘GasMark’ for UK cooks)

  • US v UK Food Names

The thing is, I discovered some recipe ingredients (measurement and description) caused confusion and that meant delicious recipes were ignored because my reader didn’t know what the ingredient was or how much to use. Of course, that meant they were missing the wonderful variety they could have in their diabetic menu.

Let me give you an example: in the US the vegetable known as ‘zucchini’ is known as a ‘courgette’ in the UK. See what I mean? So I added a chart listing some of the US food terms v UK food terms.

A Zucchini in the US is called a
Courgette in the UK and
an Eggplant in the US is known
as an Aubergine in the UK
Just 2 of the food terms in the
comparison food-chart in this recipe book

And the weight conversion charts makes measuring the ingredients a snap.

Another thing. Oven temperatures! Nothing seems to be standard across the globe. Have you noticed that :¬D? So I popped in an oven temperature conversion chart as well. It doesn’t matter where you are cooking, you can be sure you’ve got the right baking / roasting temperature.

And finally - your own Recipe Note Pages

diabetic recipe of succulent steak

Having a favorite recipe book is great - I’m sure this one will soon be a firm favorite. But there’s always the odd recipe here and there you want to keep a note of. Maybe passed down through the family or shared by a friend, or even found on the internet. And there’s nothing worse than searching high and low for that recipe which you “had in your hand just the other day!” Wouldn’t it be better to keep all your favorite recipes together? Then when you are creating that special diabetic menu, for you or a family member, you can instantly find the extra recipe you want. That’s why I added:

  • 20 Pages to Add Your Favorite Recipes

They’re at the back of the PDF file (ebook) and I’ve set them up so you can add your own recipes; effectively create your favorite diabetic menu, and save them altogether.

Your Incredible Bargain - Over 450 Delicious Diabetic Recipes for Less than $15!

Buying a diabetic recipe book, containing far less recipes than this, from a store would cost you anything from $19.95 or more. (The one I found only contained 350 recipes and none of the extras I’ve added). Now, let’s be honest, I haven’t got the expense of publishing this diabetes recipe book and that’s good for you because it means you get a fantastic deal here. And, what’s more, you get it instantly! No visiting the store to get the book or waiting for it to arrive by mail-order.

Join the other diabetics creating fantastic diabetic menus with these wonderful diabetes recipes.

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Your Guarantee

There are so many tempting recipes in this book and I’ve made it real easy to use, but I want to be absolutely sure you are able to use this diabetic recipe book real quick.

This is what happens

When you click the 'Click Here to Order Now' button you are taken to PayPal, where you can choose how you prefer to pay. You do not need a PayPal account, you can use your debit / credit card on their secure payment site:

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Your payment is protected because it is through PayPal, who are world-renowned for their secure payment system, reliability and customer service.

Once your payment has been securely completed you are directed to my download page. On here you get a link to download the file that contains your gargantuan diabetic recipes ebook, which is a PDF file.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader v5 or later to open and print from this PDF file.

You can get the FREE reader here:

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If you have any problems with downloading or opening the file (I would hate to think you paid for a recipe book you cannot use) please contact me using the Get In Touch form. Please include your PayPal Transaction details so I can sort out the problem for you.

So - grab your copy now; check the contents; enjoy these recipes.

The sooner you ask for your copy the sooner you will taste these lip-smacking meals, snacks and treats in your own diabetic menu.

Hey, I don’t know how quickly you’ll decide which of these diabetic recipes is your favorite - by now, if you’ve looked through the contents list; you already know one thing is for sure… you’re gonna be spoilt for choice!

Don’t wait any longer… get your own Gargantuan Diabetic Recipes Book.. for a real low $14.97! Gargantuan Diabetic Recipes Book


Carol Ann

P.S.The sooner you ask for your copy the sooner you create a diabetic menu containing these lip-smacking recipes.

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