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During my research for this site I came across many diabetes information websites. It wasn't just diabetes though, others offered more general health advice. And some were just interesting.

When I find a site that looks as though it offers useful diabetes information or is interesting or just fun to visit, I include a link below.

Please note: whilst these sites seem, to me, worth visiting I can't endorse or verify the accuracy of their content or anything linked to them. You must make your own judgment and, as always, be very careful before following any advice that affects your health.

(If you have a website you think would be interesting to my visitors, and would like a link here, please send a request. See below).

Fun and Interesting, or Just Plain Useful!

NCBI - History of Diabetes
Read about the history of diabetes; how the Greeks recognised it and how the effect of insulin was discovered.

Link for Life
I found a brilliant website that explains, with an interactive demonstration and a fun quiz at the end, what diabetes is. Have a look.

Better Your Health Information for Today's Family
Health information for todays family. Articles and additional information on a wide variety of Health Related Topics. Examples include: Parkinson's Disease, IBS, Hair Loss, Heart Care..etc. Updated on a regular basis, with many more topics planned

Gestational Diabetes
Ladies who are pregnant sometimes develop gestational diabetes. You can find out more about this condition here.

Glycemic Index
If you'd like to know what the GI is for food you are eating in your diabetic diet, you can check the searchable database maintained by the University of Sydney. And the good news - it's completely free to access. Visit the website and click on GI Database to check the Glycemic Index of your favorite food.

You And Your Cholesterol
This website is dedicated to people of all ages who wish to expand their knowledge of lowering bad cholesterol levels naturally, utilizing safe and effective solutions. And remember good cholesterol levels are an important part of your diabetes control.

NDEP - Diabetes Food Pyramid
The Diabetes Food Pyramid shows you the proportions of different foods you should include in your diabetic menu

This free to use, on-line blood sugar diary lets you keep track of your diabetic levels and presents them in a graphical format. Your information is password protected.

Scavenger Hunt on the Internet
This takes about 15 minutes - it also takes keenness of eye. Have you got an eye for detail? Gather your friends and family around and enjoy making interesting and fun discoveries during your electronic treasure hunt.

Stunning Holidays with Virgin Island Sailing Ltd.
Don't let diabetes stop you enjoying yourself. Feast your eyes on this fantastic array of great sailing vacations offered by Virgin Island Sailing Ltd. They provide expert advice on yacht charters with prompt & friendly service. Sailboat, Catamaran, and Motor Yacht charters with crew or bareboat are available for sailing vacations throughout the Caribbean and around the world.

Diabetes Resources and Articles
Articles and Resources about diabetes


Diabetes and Other Health Supplies

A Directory of Other Interesting Websites


Link Requests

If you have a website you believe would offer valuable information or advice to my visitors, please use my contact form to send your request for a link.

I always check websites before agreeing to include a link on here. It will speed up my reply if you supply the following:

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Useful Info for Webmasters

Getting visitors to your website is one of the most important activities for a webmaster, isn't it? If you have a website and want to build traffic one of the ways of doing this (I've discovered) is to exchange links with websites that offer valuable information or services to your visitors.

And that's where it can get difficult. How do you find those ideal websites? Link Exchange sites give you a chance of finding people who have an appropriate website and are actively looking to exchange links.

These are the sites I've used, which you might find useful too.

Link exchange
Link exchange program. Exchanging links made fast and easy - Linkalizer

Free Link Exchange Directory - Link Market
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