Link Request

If you have a website you believe would offer valuable information or advice to my visitors, please use my contact form to send your request for a link.

I'll be honest - I'm really fussy about who I link with. I've worked hard to provide quality information about diabetes on this website and because of that I always check websites before agreeing to include a link on here. No exception.

Provided your website is not just an 'online shop' I'd be delighted to consider exchanging links.

It will speed up my reply if you supply the following:

  • How you found this site
  • Your web URL
  • The URL for the page you would like a link to point to
  • A brief description that explains why people should visit (similar to the ones on my link pages)
  • The URL of the page on your site where you have placed a reciprocal link using the code below

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