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"How to Take Control of
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Dear Fellow Diabetic,

This free diabetes book gift is here to help you when you decide you want to take back control of your life by controlling your blood-sugar levels.

You see, as a diabetic, I'm always looking for help and information on how to look after my health and that's why I decided to do some personal research and create this diabetic publication as a FREE gift for you: How to Take Control of Your Diabetes (valued at $27) shows you how to do just that, by controlling your blood sugar levels.

FREE Carbohydrate Counter for Diabetics

Discover How YOU Can Take Control of Your Diabetes by Reading About My Personal Experiences in this FREE Diabetes Book Gift Valued at $27!

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What You Get In this 86-page free diabetes book gift Valued at $27...
  • How to Control Your Blood-Sugars: Discover how carbohydrates affect your blood sugars and what you can do about it. (Taking a herbal supplement containing Gymnema Sylvestre (which lowers blood sugars) really helped me).

  • Carbohydrate Counter: Find the exact carbohydrate content of your favourite foods using the 53-page carbohydrate counter chart - now you know what you can eat without feeling guilty

  • Recipes: Try the 25 deliciously tasty low-carbohydrate recipes I've included for you and your family to enjoy

  • Diabetic Goals Plan: Decide and set your diabetic control action plan and the goals you want to reach. Experts say that writing your goals down increases the likelihood of you achieving them. It works for me, it might work for you.

  • Carbohydrate Control Chronicle: Use your personal Carbohydrate Control Chronicle to record your daily achievements and monitor how well you are progressing towards your set diabetic goals.

The problem is, there is so much advice out there on how to monitor your blood-glucose levels, it's sometimes difficult to know what to do for the best! Have you ever thought "It's OK for the 'professionals' to give advice - they're not living with the consequences!"? I must admit I have.

As I said, like you, I am a diabetic. I'm diabetic type 2, which means watching what I eat is crucial to my well-being.

So I decided to do some research - and experimentation - on myself. My blood-sugars were high and I was struggling to keep them within an acceptable range. And then - at last! - I found an easy way to control blood-glucose levels. An easy way that didn't turn my life completely upside down.

Wouldn't you like to be able to do that as well? Well now you can...
In this FREE diabetes book gift I've described exactly what I sussed out, what I did and the results I'm still enjoying today.

You too can discover a way to control your blood-sugar levels, as I did, through a sensible, carbohydrate controlled eating style. (I hate the word 'diet'. I always feel it gives the impression that I'm following the latest diet fad, when in actual fact our eating style is a matter or life or death, isn't it?)

There's Even More Useful Information...

Now just because you decide to control your blood-sugar levels through a low-carbohydrate eating style doesn't mean you can't enjoy flavoursome foods. A lot of the ingredients for low-carb meals are fresh foods. Other foods, which traditionally have a high-carb content, often have a low-carb alternative.

And, to save you time and hassle, I've already found online sources for these low or nil-carb foods. There are 2 based in the US, 1 in Canada and 2 in the UK and the URLs are in this free diabetes book gift.

Plus, you can find out even more about how a low-carbohydrate eating style is ideal for most diabetics (especially type 2) and I tell you which books give you that extra knowledge.

This 86-page ebook is crammed full of important insights into monitoring your blood-sugars and taking back control of your diabetes - and your life.

How to Control Your Diabetes

Your Personal Diabetic Control Planner
and Carbohydrate Counter in
This FREE e-book Helps You
Take Control
of Your Diabetes

Grab your copy of this ebook today and start feeling the benefit straight away. It is absolutely free and requesting it places you under no obligation.

I don't know how quickly you'll benefit from the useful information in your free diabetes book gift. Why not request it now whilst you think about it...? Get Your FREE Diabetes Book Gift NOW

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By now you'll see you have nothing to lose by requesting this 'How To Take Control Your Diabetes' ebook gift - free to you - but everything to gain when you discover how to take control of your diabetes.

Pop in your email address below and send your request NOW, whilst you think of it.

I look forward to hearing about YOUR successes in your diabetic-control goals.

Kind regards

Carol Ann

"How to Take Control of
Your Diabetes"
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