Your Diabetes Control and Health Management

You can be healthy and you can manage your condition simply by making your diabetes control a key part of your daily activity.

It takes diligence and constant attention to keep your diabetes under control and no-one else can do that for you. Sure, they can help - by not tempting you with the wrong foods to start with! But ultimately it is down to you.

And that is fantastic news, because it means that you get to know what's going on; you get to be in control; you decide exactly how you are going to live with your diabetes control.

In fact, you have full responsibility - and knowing that, for me anyway, is wonderful. Not having to rely on other people - who could get it wrong - gives you the freedom to live life to the full.

You can get lots of advice and help from your diabetic care team to help with your diabetes control. They'll know exactly what's right for you.

And you'll be told - ad infinitum because it is so crucial - that the key to controlling your health as a diabetic is to monitor your blood-sugars. Get your levels right and you are well on the way to keeping your health risks to a minimum.

Problem is, your sugar-levels can be high - especially whilst your level of medication or diet control is being worked on. Or they can go low, when you've taken medication perhaps, done some extra exercise or worse, skipped a meal! Check out my friend's website to discover how to control your blood-sugars.

Have a look at these diabetes control and care tips pages and then ask your diabetic care team how you can use them in your diabetic control program.

Diabetes Exercise Regime

I know! You understand that because you have diabetes exercise is important. And if you've been a 'couch-potato' up to now (I can get away with saying that because I was!) the thought of having to start an exercise regime probably makes you shudder!

Here's an easy, gentle way to get started Diabetes Exercise...

Diabetes Weight Loss

Diabetes weight loss is a crucial part of your overall diabetes control. But have you noticed how weight loss is difficult, in fact weight gains can sometimes seem to just sneak up on you?

And it happens for all sorts of reasons; eating a little (or a lot) more; being a little (or a lot) less active; eating the same amount but the wrong types of food; poor blood-sugar control and sometimes just a change in medication. All impact on the weight we carry.

But the thing is, weight control is vital to your health. It can also help prevent the full onslaught of diabetes if you are in the pre-diabetes stage. Check these 4 eating habits that are deadly for diabetics and pre-diabetes sufferers. Diabetes Weight Loss...

Diabetic Foot Care

If you don't look after your feet you run the risk of developing sores or infections that could, in the worst case scenario, lead to amputations. As happened to my father-in-law.

Take this important advice for your diabetic foot care Diabetes Foot Care...

Why You Should Be a Non-Smoker

I remember how surprised I was when I discovered that for diabetes smoking was very harmful. This was long before all the other health problems created by smoking were well known. And even passive smoking was hazardous.

Since then I've discovered for diabetes smoking can also create other health problems Diabetes Why Stop Smoking?...

If you just want to quit smoking and would like to do so with the help of a natural product, rather than using nicotine patches, have a look at Nicocure

Travel Tips for a Diabetic

When you have diabetes travel can be stressful. In fact travel can be stressful even if you are not diabetic! Take sensible precautions for your diabetes and your journey need not be a traumatic one.

These diabetes travel tips contain some straight forward advice on how you can prepare before traveling Diabetes Travel Tips?...

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Diabetes is no laughing matter, but if you can increase the number of occasions when you break into hysterical laughter you may just find it is really beneficial. Daily laughter has been claimed to help lower blood sugars for people with diabetes type 2...

Other Health Care Tips

If you are keen on natural or holistic health treatments you might find Ayurveda an interesting way of helping your diabetes control. You can find out more about Ayurveda and discover if you are able to use it as part of your diabetic treatment here: The ayurvedic approach to diabetes.

If you prefer herbal remedies then it's a good idea to understand how they work and why they work. Here you can read more about the herbal remedies that are available for diabetes: Herbal remedies for diabetes.

Check this collection of free diabetes information guides here, including how to prevent diabetes and tips to help youngsters reduce the risk of developing diabetes. free diabetes publications

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