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This site map lists all the main pages on this web site (the only ones not listed are the individual recipes, story and news article pages - that would have made this site map completely unusuable!)...

Check back frequently; more will be added as the site grows.

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Your diabetes; Taking control of your diabetes (Home)
There's a lot of information about diabetes from medical professionals; pharmaceutical companies; nutritionists and research scientists. Your diabetes is a collection of information and resources, researched and presented by a diabetic, from a diabetic's viewpoint.

  • Delicious Diabetes Recipes
    Find your favorite diabetes recipe. Use these delicious diabetic recipes to create your own diabetic menu - many of these recipes are free.

    • Diabetic Starters(Entrees)
      If you are planning a formal, multi-course meal and have to consider a diabetic guest (or yourself) then choose your entree from this selection.

    • Diabetic Main Course Meals
      These main meal recipes cover a wide range from simple 'snack' main meals like burgers, to more substantial meals like casseroles and stews. You'll also find suggestions for salads for the warmer months of the year.

    • Diabetic Vegetarian Meals
      Some of the main course recipes include vegetarian and fish dishes. I've included them on this page to make it easier for you to find them if you prefer the non-meat option.

    • Diabetic Desserts
      You've had your starter and main course and how often, as a diabetic, do you have to 'stop there' because desserts are so often absolutely FULL of sugar? Well, the beauty of home-cooking, is you can choose one of these delicious dessert recipes specifically created for diabetics. And yes, the rest of the family will probably find them tasty as well. Enjoy!

    • Diabetic Cakes and Treats
      A cup of tea / coffee and a nice cake. Or a snack bar, is something that people without diabetes take for granted. And, I don't know about you, but sometimes I can feel quite envious of other people being able to have a 'sweet snack' without even thinking about it.
      Here's a selection of snacks, cakes, cookies and others treats that you can indulge in without sending your blood-sugars sky-high. (That's no excuse to over-indulge though :¬0).

    • Diabetic Miscellaneous Recipes
      During my search for recipes I came across a number that really don't fit into any of the ordinary 'meal categories'. Recipes for side-salads; jams; sauces etc. So that's what this section contains. All the 'odds & sods' I really did not know how to categorise.

    • Diabetic Drinks
      A selection of refreshing drinks, some really simple - just being a blend of ingredients - others a little more interesting. The variety here includes hot and cold drinks.

    • Diabetic Christmas Recipes
      A selection of recipes for different dishes for the festive season, includes main meals, desserts, cakes and drinks. These recipes are taken from my Gargantuan Diabetic Recipes book.

  • Send Me Your Favorite Recipe and Win a Prize
    Have a favourite diabetic recipe? Like to share? Send me your recipe and you will be entered in a monthly prize draw.

  • Diabetic Recipe Prize Draw Winners
    These are the people who shared their favorite recipe and won one of my monthly prize draws.

  • Useful Diabetes Supplies & Information
    Information to help you find diabetes supply sources from test supplies to medical supplies to medical resources. I will also include, on this page, links to any interesting, informative websites I find - so do check back regularly.

  • Inspiring Diabetes Stories
    Read diabetes stories that inspire - from other diabetics. Some sad, some funny; all have a point to make, most important of which is You are NOT alone.

Type 2 Diabetes Stories

  • Share Your Story
    Do you have a story to tell? It could be a funny incident; a serious message for other diabetics; something that happened that made you aware of something about living with your diabetes or your story of achievement in spite of your diabetes.

    Or perhaps your experience, with someone else who is a diabetic, that made you realise something you weren't aware of before. Please share your story with me, those I feel would benefit other people to read will be added to this website.

  • Free Diabetes Publications
    Throughout this website you will find links on the different pages to more useful information. Where the additional information is a free diabetes publication I have included it in the collection of documents on this page - just to make it easier for you to come back or refer a friend to them. I'll add more as I come across interesting documents.

    Please check these out - I'm sure you'll find them enlightening, informative and useful. I know I did when I first found them.

  • Diabetes News Reports
    A collection of news stories and articles about diabetes, including research results and useful information.

  • Diabetes Articles
    Check this collection of diabetes articles for additional, useful information about the disease.

  • I'd Love to Hear From You
    If you'd like to make a comment about or a suggestion for this website or just ask a question... you can do that here.

  • Your Diabetes Mini Blog
    If you want to keep up to date with new information, as it is added to this website, then please subscribe to my 'Your Diabetes' Mini-Blog.

  • Other Sites to Check Out
    A collection of other websites you may find interesting, fun or worth a visit.

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