Inspiring Type 1 Diabetes Stories

This collection of type 1 diabetes stories has been sent in by visitors to this website.

As this collection grows you will gain inspiration, comfort and, I hope, a sense of companionship with other diabetics. So do bookmark this page and visit often.

If you have a story to tell that would help other visitors I would be delighted to consider adding it to this treasure trove of experience.

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Being a Diabetic is Cool! according to teenager Claudia Havoc. Read her inspirational story about living with Diabetes Type 1...

Just 5 days later and teenager Umm generously shares about being diagnosed as having Diabetes Type 1...

Mother Saves Diabetic Teenager... This diabetic teenager could easily have slipped into a diabetic coma before being diagnosed if her Mother had not been so observant. Anne tells, in her own words, how her diabetes was discovered...

A Rare Form of Diabetes Caused a Mis-Diagnosis of This Baby's Condition... Christy Vacchio shares an amazing story about her young son's traumatic tale. A heart-rending story that has a happier ending than might have been expected.

Teenage Diabetics at Risk... Donna Dexford gives a cautionary story about the effect diabetes can have and timely warning for all young diabetics.

Does Missing Your Insulin Medication Matter? Read This Salutory Lesson... Gordon Fowler relates a scary experience with a type 1 diabetic.

Type 1 Diabetes Complications Leads to a Sad Loss... Trevor Webster shares the pain of losing his wife of 47 years through complications brought on by diabetes. I am so sorry about your sad loss Trevor and I sincerely thank you for helping others to understand the consequences that diabetes can lead to.

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