Diabetes Information on Health Complications

It is wise to find as much diabetes information as you can to avoid health complications your diabetic condition can contribute to. Here are some of your areas of health that could be affected by your diabetes:

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  • Heart Disease: one of the effects diabetes has is to coat the inside of your arteries and that can create heart problems. The coating means your blood has less room to move through your blood vessels and you probably have poor circulation.

    With me, poor circulation means I always have cold hands and cold feet. This is one instance where the cliché 'cold hands - warm heart' is not an appropriate one! Or may be it is 'cause I do have a warm heart! Read more about heart disease

  • Kidney Disease (nephropathy): If you don't control your blood-sugars your kidneys have to work harder to filter your blood which could lead to diabetic kidney disease...

  • Eye Sight: Problems with your eyesight could lead to diabetic-retinopathy...

  • Nerve Damage (neuropathy: Poor blood circulation can lead to other problems as well, such as neuropathy (nerve damage). Read this diabetes information on how nerve damage can cause sensory problems.
  • Gastroparesis: If you are having serious problems with your digestive system you may be experiencing gastroparesis.
  • Depression: A diabetic faces a very real risk of diabetic depression. Learn about the signs of depression so you can take action...

And take a look at this brilliant website that gives you, with an interactive demonstration and a fun quiz at the end, lots of diabetes information for type 2 (and a lot of it is relevant to type 1 diabetes as well). Visit Interactive Diabetes demo

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