Do You Have a Diabetes Symptom?

Do you really have a diabetes symptom? Or are you just concerned that you might be showing one?

With the huge growth in the number of people developing diabetes it's wise to be sure any symptom you have is checked out.

I think what is more disconcerting is it's reckoned there are hundreds of thousands of people who have a symptom of diabetes but don't recognise it or even realise they have the condition at all.

In some countries figures as high as 1 in 3 people are considered to have diabetes without being aware of it. In fact, I had that problem for many years - my main symptom was constantly confused with thrush infections!

So do be careful not to confuse your diabetic symptom with symptoms of other health problems. (Read about confusing symptoms between diabetes and the menopause )for ladies reaching that age.

In fact, if you are at all unsure if it is a symptom of diabetes you have or not, see your physician and get yourself checked out as quickly as possible.

He / she will be able to put your mind at rest if it is not and, more importantly, get you onto a proper diabetes care plan if it is. And if you have pre-diabetes you might be able to prevent the onset of diabetes altogether (see Pre-Diabetes).

Don't delay - if you have the slightest inkling that your (or your child's) condition may be showing a diabetes symptom - delaying diagnosis and starting correct diabetes treatment can do untold, irreparable damage to your health. It is not worth taking the risk when a quick and simple test can get you sorted out.

On the next few pages I've listed the most common diabetes symptoms; there are different symptoms for different types of diabetes...

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