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Previously known as Juvenile Diabetes, the diabetes symptom for type 1 diabetes normally shows up in youngsters.  If this has happened to your child you know you are facing all sorts of new challenges, both for you and your child as this is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes.

If there is no history of diabetes in your family you have to quickly get to grips with the disease and understand how it needs to be controlled.  You must understand the medication your child needs; perhaps a change in diet to control blood sugars and you have to keep a close eye on any other symptoms that show. 

Most important; those blood sugars must be monitored.   And that sometimes means throughout the night.  It disturbs your rest and puts an even greater strain on you.  The good news is that research and development may soon have an answer to the problem of monitoring blood glucose levels during the night.  Have a look at this news article.

Type 1 diabetes can often sneak up and can take you unawares. It is possible for the signs to appear within a matter of weeks and they can be quite severe. You may find your (or your child's) symptom is:

  • being exceptionally thirsty
  • having a dry mouth
  • having to urinate frequently
  • weight loss (even though you may be constantly hungry and eating well. Of course you may be eating the wrong things which would probably make your diabetes symptom worse)
  • feeling as if you've got no energy; weak and tired all the time
  • blurry vision - be careful, untreated eye problems caused through diabetes can lead to blindness (listen to the conversation between me and a lady I know, Lyn Rixon, who is blind because of her diabetes Click to download MP3 [10.22Mbyte]).

It is crucial to get yourself (or your child) to a doctor for tests as quickly as possible.  Ignoring any symptoms could have serious repercussions on your health in the future.

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