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You are more likely to show a diabetes symptom for diabetes type 2 because 95% of diabetics have type 2 diabetes.  Until recently the majority of people diagnosed with diabetes type 2 were older people, and it was often referred to as 'Maturity Onset Diabetes'.

Unfortunately there are more and more younger people, even children, showing a symptoms of type 2.  A lot of the experts believe our current modern life-style is contributing to what seems to be a world-wide epidemic of diabetes mellitus type 2.  Because of this, the good news is that a change in lifestyle; a healthier diet, increased exercise activity may prevent you getting diabetes at all (see Pre Diabetes).

Worryingly, you might find you don't notice any symptoms or your diabetes symptom comes on gradually:

  • your vision becomes blurry
  • you get cuts or sores that seem to take a very long time to heal
  • you have itchy skin in your genital area. This is often a result of passing sugar-concentrated urine frequently.  A rash can appear to be a yeast infection, similar to thrush, which can sometimes be mis-diagnosed.
  • you find you are increasingly thirsty and often still feel thirsty after a long drink.
  • your mouth often feels dry and again a drink doesn't seem to make much difference
  • you have to urinate more often.
  • you get unexplained leg pains

If you are diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and are of a more mature age (in your 40s or older) make sure your doctor explains the other health risks you may have and what action you should be taking immediately your diabetes symptom is confirmed. 

A gentleman told me how he was diagnosed as having diabetes type 2 but he was not told about the risk of heart problems and was not advised to take half-an-aspirin to reduce the risk of a heart attack. (Incidentally I am NOT suggesting you should do this without consulting your doctor first).  A couple of weeks later he did have a heart attack and had to have a heart bypass operation.

Now his diabetes may have had absolutely nothing to do with his heart attack, but he was upset that he hadn't been told about the inherent risk of other health problems die to his diabetes.

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