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Craving something sweet?

Missing the taste of cookies or sweet maple syrup because you have to watch the sugar and fat you consume?

Try the genuinely delicious taste of these fat and sugar-free treats created by a diabetic for diabetics. Josephs Lite Sugar and Fat-Free Cookies & Syrups

Hello Fellow Diabetic,

Finding a diabetes recipe you like is one of the biggest challenges for you (or your loved one) after being diagnosed as a diabetic. It is difficult to know which ingredients can be used in a diabetes recipe. There are many, seemingly innocent, foods that can shoot your blood sugars sky-high if used in the wrong quantities.

For me, being diagnosed as having diabetes in the early 1980s was more traumatic because there just didn’t seem to be many suitable recipes around. At least none that I could find. And believe me, I searched!

Nowadays the vast array of ‘healthy-eating’ meal recipes frequently matches the needs of a diabetes diet or can be easily adapted into a suitable diabetic recipe.

And, I have a confession to make... I still have a sweet tooth; yes, I do like a sweet treat occasionally!

Tell me, why is it that restaurants seem to think a dessert for a diabetic is either a piece of fruit; a fruit salad – or worse – cheese and biscuits! Let’s face it; fruit salad gets awfully tedious after a while!

The good news! There are literally thousands of free diabetic recipes available. Many of them on the Internet.

But, to save you the trouble of trawling through looking for 'diabetes recipes' or 'diabetic recipes' or 'sugar-free recipes', I decided to gather as many recipes and websites offering abundant choices of sugar-free recipes – many of which are so delicious the whole family will enjoy them.

The list will grow as I find more good recipes and sites, so add this page to your favorite bookmarks now.

Note: If you really hate the thought of not having pastry, which normally plays havoc with my sugar levels, then you'll be interested in 'The Diabetic Pastry Chef' website. It's run by a young lady who started culinary school, to learn how to be a pastry chef, and then was diagnosed as a diabetic. I have to admire the way she decided to follow her passion whilst taking care of her health. Click here to see her recipes.

Have You Found a Good Website Offering Free Diabetes Recipes?

If you have found a website with a diabetes recipe selection and you believe other diabetics would be interested, please let me know. I'll see if the web site owner is willing to let me link to their website for the enjoyment and convenience of visitors to this site.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing what you've found. Please use my Contact form to send me the website URL. Thanks so much.

And, just before I start you off with my favorite diabetic recipes, I’m going to be really cheeky and ask another favor...

Your Favorite Recipe Could Win a Prize...

If you have a favorite diabetic recipe you’d like to share, please send it in. I’ll add your recipe to the Favorite Diabetes Recipes Page for other visitors to share. Once accepted your recipe will go into the monthly draw. If you win you receive a diabetic recipe e-book worth $14.95 from which some of the recipes on this website has been taken. The e-book contains over 450 delicious recipes, so you're sure to find lots of tasty dishes that appeal to everyone's appetite.

(Please - only submit your own recipe - it must be copyright free to be accepted and you must be sure of this before submitting).

Plus, when there are enough recipes to make it worthwhile, I’ll gather them all into a brand new diabetic recipe e-book, which includes your diabetes recipe and your name as the contributor. And you get your own copy of this new diabetic recipe e-book to download, completely free of charge.

Share Your Favorite Diabetic Recipe

OK, here’s the pages of recipes for you to visit and browse. Look out for my favorite diabetic dessert recipe for a sweet treat. Enjoy!

Kind regards

Carol Ann (Remember to bookmark this site before you go exploring or use the RSS feed button on the left so you know when I add new recipes and other info to this site).

Diabetes Recipe Selections

I hope you enjoy sampling these recipes, some of which are taken from the diabetic recipe book you might win by sending in your favorite recipe.

Send in Your Favorite Recipe; it Might Win the Monthly Prize Draw

You could win a Diabetic Recipe e-book, containing over 500 delicious recipes, when you send in your favorite recipe.

Diabetic Starter Recipes

If you are planning a formal, multi-course meal and have to consider a diabetic guest (or yourself) then choose your starter course from this selection.

Diabetic Main Meal Recipes

These main meal recipes cover a wide range from simple 'snack' main meals like burgers, to more substantial meals like casseroles and stews. You'll also find suggestions for salads for the warmer months of the year.

Diabetic Vegetarian Recipes

Some of the main course recipes include vegetarian and fish dishes. I've included them on this page to make it easier for you if you prefer the non-meat option.

Diabetic Dessert Recipes

You've had your starter and main course and how often, as a diabetic, do you have to 'stop there' because desserts are so often absolutely FULL of sugar? Well, the beauty of home-cooking, is you can choose one of these delicious dessert recipes specifically created for diabetics. And yes, the rest of the family will probably find them tasty as well. Enjoy!

Diabetic Cakes & Treats Recipes

A cup of tea / coffee and a nice cake. Or a snack bar, is something that people without diabetes take for granted. And, I don't know about you, but sometimes I can feel quite envious of other people being able to have a 'sweet snack' without even thinking about it. Here's a selection of snacks, cakes, cookies and others treats that you can indulge in without sending your blood-sugars sky-high.

Diabetic Miscellaneous Recipes

During my search for recipes I came across a number that really don't fit into any of the ordinary 'meal categories'. Recipes for side-salads; jams; sauces etc. So that's what this section contains. All the 'odds & sods' I really did not know how to categorise.

Diabetic Drink Recipes

A selection of refreshing drinks, some really simple - just being a blend of ingredients - others a little more interesting. The variety here includes hot and cold drinks.

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