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Now you can enjoy sweet food whilst controlling your blood sugars...

If your dessert recipes call for sugar-free sweetening, such as Maltitol or you just fancy enjoying a sweet cookie or maple syrup with something, then you'll be delighted to discover these genuinely delicious fat and sugar-free treats created by a diabetic for diabetics. Josephs Lite Sugar and Fat-Free Cookies & Syrups

Pineapple Cheesecake
My personal favorite, a diabetic friend shared this with me in the 1980s, just after I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. It's also my husband's favorite (although he's not diabetic) - in fact he gets quite grumpy if I make it when we have visitors and he has to share!!

Diabetic Bread Pudding

Diabetic Chocolate Sauce

Fruit 'n Bread Pudding

No-Sugar Custard

Pineapple Sherbet

Raspberry Mousse

Cherry Banana Dessert

Diabetic Apple Pie

I hope you enjoyed sampling these recipes, some of which are taken from the diabetic recipe book you can win by sending in your favorite recipe.

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