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Choose one of these diabetic cake and treats recipes to try today

Do sample a diabetic cake recipe from this collection. As the list grows you will discover some I've collected and others contributed by visitors

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Diabetic Macaroon Cookies

Diabetic Date Dainties

Diabetic Applesauce Cake

Diabetic Sponge Cake

Diabetic Fruit + Fudge Cake

Diabetic Cinnamon Cookies

Here's how you can enjoy a sweet treat without feeling guilty...

Missing the taste of cookies or sweet maple syrup because you have to watch the sugar and fat you consume?

Try the genuinely delicious taste of these fat and sugar-free treats created by a diabetic for diabetics. Josephs Lite Sugar and Fat-Free Cookies & Syrups

I hope you enjoyed sampling these recipes, some of which are taken from the diabetic recipe book you can win by sending in your favorite recipe.

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