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I love sharing something I enjoy - and a mouth-watering diabetes recipe that fits within a diabetic diet is something I love to receive - and give.

Thank you for deciding to share your favorite recipe with me and other diabetics. Don't forget to check the Favorite Recipes page for meals sent in by other visitors. And check back often for new entries and, of course your own.

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Is This Your Own, Personal Recipe?

Please do not submit a diabetes recipe you have found in a book, magazine, TV program or on the web - unless you are absolutely sure it is copyright free or is in the public domain (just because it is on the web does not mean it is in the 'public domain').

I don't want to get into trouble for publishing someone's copyrighted recipe on this website!

Monthly Prize Draw

Once I've verified your recipe is unique (hasn't been submitted by anyone else) I will add it to the recipes on the Favorite Recipes page and your name will go into the prize draw for that month.

Delicious Diabetic Recipe e-Book If you are the lucky winner (chosen at random) for the month you receive this fabulous ebook of over 450 Delicious Diabetic Recipes - worth $14.97. In this ebook you'll even find recipes for things you may have thought you couldn't have any more, like Fudge, Cakes and Cookies.

These recipes can be enjoyed by all the family -whether diabetic or not. In fact anyone wanting to cut down on the sugar in their diet will benefit from these recipes!

When you send your recipe in, do make sure you enter a valid email address because that's how you will be notified of your win and sent the download link for your prize recipe ebook.

I look forward to enjoying, and sharing, your recipe. Good luck with your entry in the prize draw

Kind regards

Carol Ann

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