Inspiring Diabetes Stories

There are millions of people who have their own diabetes stories. Reading these stories of triumph, problems faced, challenges met and how fellow diabetics have coped with this serious condition is sometimes awe-inspiring, other times funny - even though it brings tears to your eyes and often delivers a salutory lesson we can all learn from.

But most important - these stories prove that you are not alone. Whatever anxiety you are feeling; whatever concerns you have about your treatment or how you will/are coping with your diabetes; there's a pretty good chance someone else has had the same experience.

Your Story Could Help a Fellow Diabetic

It's true! Your story of how you coped, what you discovered and what you did and learnt can help another diabetic, especially if they are newly diagnosed, to understand a very scary condition.

So please, read the stories here, but also think about sharing your experiences with your fellow diabetics.

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