Diabetic Depression

A diabetic faces a very real risk of diabetic depression. There will be occasions when you may feel a bit fed-up of the constant diabetes care regime you need to follow – that's only natural. But if that feeling persists for any length of time, for example most of the day over a period of weeks, then you should check with your doctor in case you are suffering from depression. These are some of the signs of diabetic depression:

  • You can't get to sleep easily or you frequently wake up during the night.
  • Waking up earlier than usual and not being able to get back to sleep.
  • You constantly feel tired and want so sleep all the time
  • You experience a quick weight gain or loss because you are eating more, or a lot less, than normal.
  • You find it difficult to concentrate. For example if you're trying to watch TV or a film or trying to read but other thoughts or feelings get in the way.
  • You find you are not interested in doing things you used to enjoy.
  • You feel guilty about being a burden to others or constantly 'getting things wrong'
  • You feel suicidal or want to hurt yourself.
  • You seem to have a lot of nervous energy because you feel anxious all the time

Do be aware, if your diabetes is poorly controlled you might get symptoms similar these.

For example, during the day, if your blood sugar is high or low you may feel tired or anxious.

Low blood sugar levels can make you feel hungry and then you may eat too much.

If you have low blood sugar at night, it is likely to disturb your sleep and if your blood glucose level is high during the night, you may have to get up often to urinate and consequently feel tired during the day. As I said, if you get these feelings or symptoms occasionally it is more likely your diabetes needs a bit more control – but if you've got 3 or more symptoms or they linger for 2 or more weeks it is possible you have diabetic depression, in which case do go to your doctor and get some help.

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