Mother Saves Diabetic Teenager

by Anne, Canada
This diabetic teenager could easily have slipped into a diabetic coma before being diagnosed if her Mother had not been so observant. Anne tells, in her own words, how her diabetes was discovered...

"The day it all started was 07/22/06... I was 16 and in about two weeks I was going to turn 17. My mom had been noticing some symptoms of diabetes and had wondered it something was going on. She called me over and when she did she said "I wanna check your sugars" I said fine make it quick.

When the 5 seconds were finished her machine wouldn't read my sugars that's how high they were. She said "this cant be right" and we waited a half hour then she rechecked them and they were 29.9, thinking her machine was not working properly she said "well I just don't know".

My aunt told her to wait till morning and not eating supper since the day before and my sugars being at 19.0 she told me to go get dressed, I did and was taken to the hospital right away. I was tested and admitted within a hour of arriving.

Good timing I'd say, my mom was told that she was lucky I woke up that morning being that high. I was happy that they had put me in my own room for the first few nights learning and coping with the whole ordeal.

It was weird to me because other than my mom having type 2 and my grandmother having type 2 insulin depended, I was the only child with it, at first it didn't bother me. After I finally got a doctor and was released from the hospital then it hit me like a ticking time bomb, right when I was least expecting it.

I wasn't like my friends, they didn't have to give shots, watch what they eat, or how much activity they did. They weren't like me at all.

This feeling went away after a while. My sugars got under control and then went all wacky, then back under control and all wacky again, this has gone on for the whole nine months I have had it for.

The doctors weren't understanding soon realizing that things were worsting and nothing was getting better. They ran more tests and sent me to a new specialist when he had determined I had a resistence to insulin and that my insulin alone would not control it. He put me on metformin, a medication to help insulin work, they use it for type 2 diabetics.

I am still to this date working on getting my sugars under control and I know with the research and the machines they have got today I and the rest of those with diabetes we will soon have a cure.

And I just want to say those of you with diabetes be brave because your not alone and theirs many others with the same thing as us and there doing fine and so will we. Good luck to all of you."

A brave young lady and I want to thank Anne for sharing her experience and thinking so generously of other diabetics who may be feeling a bit isolated.

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kind regards,

Carol Ann

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