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I gathered these free diabetes publications whilst trawling through the net, doing research on diabetes, diabetes prevention and looking for useful articles and information. I think these guides and tips are very interesting and beneficial.

And, as I was thinking about which page each of these free diabetes publications could ideally be shown on, I thought you might find it handy to have them all collated here, in one place. That way if you see something and want to tell someone else, or just pop back to have a look, you don't have to remember which page you saw it on - isn't that nice of me? ;¬)

Tips for Kids - Preventing Diabetes
Help your child avoid the risk of type 2 diabetes - which is becoming more prevalent in the younger generation. A colorful 4-page guide gives simple to follow insights to how youngsters can avoid diabetes.

50 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Although written for the African American, who is at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, these tips apply equally to anyone who is concerned about diabetes.

Am I at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?
A 16-page booklet describes those who are at risk of type 2 diabetes and the steps you can take to reduce that risk.

Get Real
How to prevent diabetes for people aged 45+. this booklet introduces the 'Game Plan' below.

It's Not Too Late to Prevent Diabetes
A handy little guide containing tips to help people over 60 get moving through gentle exercise and good eating habits.

Your Game Plan to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
20-page booklet helps you to start controlling your weight through gentle exercise and healthy eating. It introduces the food and activity planner, which can be downloaded separately below.

My Game Plan Food & Activity Planner
4-pages covers a full 7 days of planning your daily eating and activity to help your weight loss and control. This helps to reduce the risk of you developing type 2 diabetes

Fat & Calorie Counter - an Aid to Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
A handy reference showing you the fat and calories counter for over 1500 commonly eaten foods.

Tips for Teens with Type 2 Diabetes
Tips on how to cope with diabetes; it's OK to have these feelings. Find out how to enjoy your life in spite of being a diabetic. You can get more information for young people coping with diabetes here Children with diabetes

Control Your Diabetes for Life
Tips to make you feel better and stay healthy.

Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime
A 15-page guide to foot care for anyone with diabetes.

Diabetes Foot Care Tips
A 1-page 'at-a-glance' list of 12 foot care tips

Tips for Helping Diabetics
If a friend or relative has diabetes you can offer support and understanding. These 7 tips show you how you can help your loved one cope with their diabetes. As I find more information I'll add to these free diabetes publications, so please bookmark this page and check back periodically, or subscribe to my mini-blog and you won't miss any important updates to the information on your diabetes.

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