Does Missing Your Insulin Medication Matter? Read This Salutory Lesson...

by Gordon Fowler (UK)

During my work with Siemens Plessey at Christchurch (UK), as the Customer Training Manager, it came to my attention that a student from the United Arab Emirates - who was a diabetic - came to the UK for a six week training course and failed to bring his insulin with him .

He left the UAE on a Friday and it was not discovered untill the following Tuesday that he was not well.

I took him to see the Medical Sister and we discovered that he had not brought his insulin with him, up to that time neither I, nor anyone else, knew he was a diabetic.

I was told to take him to Bournemouth Hospital as quickly as possible. By the time I had got a taxi and got him to the hospital he was in a very bad state.

Once in A&E he was examined - I stayed with him as he spoke little English.

When I told them he was a diabetic and had not had any insulin since last Thursday they rushed him off and started injecting him very quickly. In fact he was very close to death when they examined him.

I wondered what all the fuss was about because I knew very little about the condition. Then the ward sister told me that I was a very lucky man, and so was he, as he could easily have died on the way to the hospital.

The important point from this is that all diabetics should at all times carry their insulin with them and should let others know that they need to take medication on a regular basis.

[Have a look at the Travel Tips page for a checklist of how you should prepare for travel. Carol Ann

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