Miraculous Cure ... or Just Mis-Diagnosed?

by John Ainsworth (UK)

I was 'diabetic' until last Monday!!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January 2005 on the basis of a single Fasting Blood Sugar result.

Though I have always been 'in denial', I attended my 3 Diabetes Education Sessions, and followed the dietary and exercise advice conscientiously.

I invested in a testing kit, so that I could monitor my blood sugar levels at home. My readings here, as in my routine blood tests at the surgery, have always been comfortably below the diabetes diagnostic cut off point.

Having become tired of constant congratulation on how well I was 'managing my diabetes', I demanded a Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, which I took on 15th March. The day before yesterday (27th March) I learned that I am not in fact suffering from the condition, neither have I ever been!

So why am I writing?

Just to advise those who are newly diagnosed that they insist on an OGTT if it is not/has not been offered by their Doctor or physican.

Wishing you every success with your site. What an excellent initiative.

John Ainsworth

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