Type 2 Diabetes - Taking Control

Jim Mathes, like many of us, is struggling to get control of his diabetes. But he's not giving up as he explains in this message he sent to me to share with you.

I wish him every success with his determination to improve his health by getting his diabetes properly balanced.


Carol Ann suggested I share my story and progress with the group.

I have just begun this journey, so this is where I am after one week.

  • I am a retired 63 year old white male.
  • I am 6’1” and weigh 300 pounds.
  • My highest weight has been 330 pounds.
  • I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.
  • I am also a diabetic.
  • I have sleep apnea and use a C.P.A.P. machine.
  • I have had to have stints in my heart 4 different times.
  • I take 19 medications a day just to stay in the condition I am in now.
  • I know my weight is causing the majority of my ailments.

Last week I attended a free seminar on getting a Lap Band. They highly suggested we try all other solutions for weight management before getting the Lap Band or any surgical procedure.

I decided to re-evaluate my situation and try once again to get my health under control through non-surgical means.

I have tried multiple diets. A lot of them work, but I have never stuck to them for a long period of time. I would lose 30 or so pounds but then gain them back as soon as I got off the diet.

I have always viewed the word DIET as trying to eat less and less, of a bunch of stuff you don’t like, for the rest of your life. To me, that’s not living. It’s a lifetime of horrible torture.

I have come to a personal conclusion of the following facts.

1. This is a battle on two fronts.

2. One is the volume of food that I eat.

3. Two is what I eat.

4. I cannot fight two enemies at the same time and expect to win.

5. I will have to choose one and win, then take on the other.

I downloaded and printed “How To Take Control Of Your Diabetes”.

This has one of the best carbohydrate charts I have found.

I made my decision of the enemy I have chosen to fight and conquer first.


I began this battle on Saturday March 29, 2008 using Step 1.

Every battle must have a definite plan to succeed.

My battle plan is this:

Step 1: Make a daily menu for the following week which includes the following steps.

Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Evening Snack, Dinner, Bedtime Snack.

Step 2: Select any items I want for my menu, but check the chart for serving size. Only get one serving of each item I choose.

Step 3: Monday begin my menu. If I feel the desire to change an item on my menu during the week, do so without feeling guilty. Just remember to check my serving size.

My strategy and goal is simple. Don’t deprive myself of the good things I like for now, but train my eyes and brain to recognize what a serving portion looks like and to only serve myself that amount of any one thing.

Even though I have only been doing this menu for less than a week, it has helped reduce my blood sugar. I will not know if I have lost any weight until Sunday when I weigh. I am excited about this experiment and will keep you posted. I hope and pray it works.

I hope this helps encourage you.

Have a great day

Jim Mathes

Note From Carol Ann

When I started using this low-carbohydrate eating style (I prefer not to say diet as well) I lost 14 lbs in weight at a reasonable speed. It was not dropping off me. And I was glad of that because, in my experience, if I lost weight quickly it just piled back on in no time.

I started my new eating style about 2.5 years ago. I have kept to this low-carb menu and enjoy sugar-free treats now and again to satisfy my bit of a sweet-tooth. It suits me. And although I haven't tried to lose any more weight - the 14 lbs was all I needed to trim down - I haven't put a single pound back on. (And I have to admit I should be doing more exercise than I'm managing at the moment).

If Jim manages to educate himself to the new eating style, and perhaps add a daily walk to his routine, I'm certain it will help his other health problems as well.

Kind regards

Carol Ann

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