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Who is this Carol Ann anyway?

Hi fellow diabetic,

so - who am I? And what right do I have to host, edit and present this website on diabetes?

Actually there's a clue in the greeting.

Yep, I've got diabetes - type 2 to be exact. I was diagnosed in 1982 (you can read the full story here.

And "No" I'm not a qualified dietician, medical professional or diabetes research specialist either.

So everything on this website is drawn from my own experience of living with diabetes, finding out what does or doesn't work for me, discovering what is happening in the world of diabetes and sharing that with you.

They say the real experts on any medical condition are the people who have to live with it. I think this is true, because if we don't get it right then we are the ones that suffer, aren't we? I guess you could say we have a vested interest in knowing what's going on.

That's why I decided to create this website. And is why my motto is:

Knowledge gives you control. Be knowledgeable about your diabetes to gain control over your health.

So what else would you like to know?

I am an ordinary person, with the usual ambitions, fears, worries and joys - just like anyone else.

I live in the UK and write for a living; sales letters for businesses (known as copywriting) and have written and published a book on the subject. If you are curious, check it out at my business website: 'I Want to Buy Your Product..' rated 5 star on

My 'better half', Mark, runs his own business buying and selling militaria memorabilia (you can check that out at Tiger Collectibles

I enjoy aquafit at least once a week (part of the exercise program I started specifically to help control my diabetes), we take a short walk every day and we go out cycling when we can. I gotta be honest though, I'm a bit wobbly on a bike ;¬) and I hate cycling on busy roads with cars and vans whizzing past. So we tend to go for off-road cycling on cycle-tracks through the local woods. Much more enjoyable and I'm not choking on exhaust fumes!

When I'm relaxing I enjoy reading and watching DVD films.

I also enjoy food, which is why I gathered over 450 recipes into the Diabetes Recipe book you can get on this website: The Gargantuan Book of Delicious Diabetic Recipes

Enjoy browsing the site; download the free documents (including a completely free How to Take Control of Your Diabetes valued at $27), recipes and articles. Share your experiences and your favorite recipes. You might even win a copy of the diabetes recipe book when you do.

And, of course, don't forget to pick up the RSS link to my Diabetes Blogger so you can stay informed.

My very best wishes to you,

Carol Ann


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