Diabetic Drink Recipe - Raspberry Smoothie

“After 5 years of experimentation, here it is: the absolute most perfect raspberry smoothie recipe I've ever invented!!! Great flavor & perfect consistency !!!” by Judy Howard (US)


1. 8oz.Half Frozen Raspberries2. ¼ - ½ C. Milk3. 1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream (No Sugar Added Variety)4. 3-4 Sweetener Tablets5. 6 - 7 Ice Cubes


Dissolve sweetener tablets in milk.Place ice cream, milk, & raspberries in blender.Blend on medium for about 1 min.Add your ice cubes - about 3 at a time - & keep blending (on high) until the mixture takes on the consistency of a smoothie.

Hint --often, I add ice & blend a few minutes, then turn blender off & stir, then repeat that process. (keeps your blender from burning up.)

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